How to Maintain Your CASTrGARD®

Cleaning & Sterilization

All standard disinfectants, a mild soap and water solution, and mild detergent and damp cloth are safe to use in cleaning the CASTrGARD devices.

CAUTION: Do not autoclave. If deemed necessary, use a sterilization protocol that complies with your facility’s infection control and risk management policies for anesthesia machine wheels.

Maintenance & Inspection

Periodically inspect the device to ensure that it is securely locked and functioning properly. It is recommended to examine the hinge and locking tab on an annual basis. CASTrGARD devices should be stored in the closed position when not in use. A complete inspection of each CASTrGARD device is recommended prior to placing the devices back into service. Replace any CASTrGARD devices that are damaged, broken or do not function properly.

Important Safety Issues

CASTrGARD devices should be used on all four wheels for optimum safety and performance. CASTrGARD can be safely used on a variety of operating room equipment including anesthesia machines, electrosurgical generators, drug carts and minimally invasive surgery carts.

!!WARNING: To avoid possible damage or injury, remove all CASTrGARD devices from wheels prior to transporting machines across uneven surfaces.

How to Order

Available in 3 sizes and 4 different colors, CASTrGARD can be conveniently ordered from dealers in the U.S. and  around the world, or by filling out our online order form.

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