How to Use Your CASTrGARD®


General Use

The closed and locked position is the proper operating position. Place CASTrGARD on all four wheels. To transport clinical machines across uneven surfaces (such as carpet) or gaps in the floor (e.g. elevators or expansion plates), all devices must be removed to avoid tipping over machines while moving.


Installation (Closing)

To apply the device, place CASTrGARD in open position around the wheel. Bring both halves of the device together until locking tab locks into the opposite side. Locking tab must be fully seated in locking tab opening with edges of device flush together. Verify the device is placed on the floor with the UP arrow pointing upward and the correct label orientation.


Removal (Opening)

To open and remove the device, find and turn the locking latch toward the body. Place the right thumb on locking tab and push in. With the left hand, hold the left half of device and pull out and away from the right half. The device may now be removed from around the wheel. Repeat for each wheel.


Storage (Closed)

The closed and locked position is the correct way to operate devices, as well as to store devices not in use or upon removing the devices from machines prior to transport.

How to Order

Available in 3 sizes and 4 different colors, CASTrGARD can be conveniently ordered from dealers in the U.S. and  around the world, or by filling out our online order form.

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